OMBS offers an outstanding alternative to university, where students are able to gain practical and real world business skills and knowledge before embarking on an exciting and successful career. Our shared student accommodation provides the opportunity for each student to really immerse themselves in the famous city of Oxford.

Depending on what you are looking to get out of your time with us, we offer two courses: The Professional Business Diploma, which is a 1-year course and suits a student who is looking for a valuable gap year, as a post-graduate looking to top up their skills or as an alternative to a degree. The 12-week Business Skills Diploma is aimed at those professionals who may be returning to work or who might be looking to update their skill set. Both courses are intensive and teach the essential skills we know employers are looking for.

Too good to be true? It gets better: 95% of 2021 Graduates were in employment, just 3 months after graduating.


Business Skills Diploma

New short course for April 2022

Get ready for work with our 12-week intensive Business Skills Diploma course

Course begins: Wednesday 20th April 2022

This 12-week, full-time intensive programme is perfect if you are unsure of which sector you want to go into or feel you lack the necessary business skills required for the workplace.

You may be a graduate who, after graduating, is not sure what to do next or you could have started a job and now feel you need the extra skills to gain promotion. You may have had a career break and now feel that you are lacking the business skills to get back into the job market. Whatever your situation we would be delighted to talk to you about how we can help you elevate your career!

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Professional Business Diploma

An outstanding alternative to university!

At OMBS you will do more than just study a Business course, you will live the student life in the lively city of Oxford whilst gaining a valuable qualification, which will fast track you into the world of business.

During the study of this 1-year, full-time intensive course, you will learn Advanced IT, Business Communications, Digital Marketing & Media, Office Skills and PDP, where you will analyse your personality with Myers Briggs testing and graduate with the confidence to secure yourself your dream job by the end!

This course brings together like-minded students at our central Oxford college, so you are able to really experience the student lifestyle in our shared student accommodation.

Whether you are someone who aspires to top management positions, looking to top-up your degree skills, The Professional Business Diploma is the ideal choice.

Studying our programme you will:

• Focus on the areas of business development that will benefit your long-term career
• Plan, consider and study real-world case studies with the feedback from tutors
• Get the most up-to-date, relevant industry knowledge and skills

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This intensive course teaches in breadth and depth the following elements:


Microsoft Office: all packages – Excel, Access, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook

IT Skills: advanced document creation using Word; key problem solving with Excel; professional presentations using PowerPoint; database marketing with Access; Outlook diary, email and contact management.

Marketing Skills: online marketing methods, customer relationship management; social media and digital marketing; website SEO, analytics and content marketing; cloud computing; online advertising, etc.

Business Skills: financial reporting; meeting procedures; processing systems; business analysis; project management; monitoring and forecasting, etc.

Office Skills: fast notetaking; fast and accurate keyboarding; giving the best presentations; customer service skills, etc.

Personal Development Planning: production of a first class CV; job-search and interview skills; Myers Briggs personality profiling; job and business sector analysis; personal planning skills, etc.

We keep our group sizes to an absolute minimum with an emphasis on securing as much personal tutor contact as possible. This helps students progress rapidly by addressing challenges as and when they occur.

Format: The course is intensive with 21 hours teaching per week, Monday to Friday – we finish at 1 pm on Friday to allow students to start the weekend early.

Assessment: there are no external examinations; every student is continually assessed from day one in each of their subjects.  Each student has a 6 weekly appraisal which outlines their performance and progress to date. At the end of each term Testimonials are awarded based on students achieving the following:

Distinction with Honours






From September 2019 – Professional Business Diploma

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